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Our culture plays a significant role in how our employees are treated.

We encourage team members to develop supportive relationships with one another. The family-oriented bond we have with team members reassure that we always willing to hear what they have to say. Every team member is important. We encourage them to voice their opinions about their work environment. We ask questions that pertain to their well being and most importantly, we listen to their response. OGI is committed to the ideal that our company is only as good as its weakest link and speaking to our team members, we try to always make sure every link is empowered, confident, and happy. This year has been a milestone for our company as we celebrate over 30 years in the hospitality business. We are also the only hotel company within our community that is taking an active role in securing health insurance for all our employees, to reassure that their well being is very important to us.

Development does not just mean to promote from within. It means helping individuals find the right position that fits their natural strengths. We know how to encourage personal and professional growth in our team members by providing feedback, listening to their goals, and providing experiential learning to foster growth. By establishing development goals for team members they are able to understand their skill development. Teaching our team members the skills they need to be successful in their roles is crucial to our success.

OGI has ongoing communication that is the key to the success of each hotel team. Communicating ensures all team members stay informed about initiatives that are relevant to satisfying our guests, encouraging loyalty and driving revenue. Good communication starts with engaging our staff to being involved with the brand tools and different team members on a daily basis.