What We Do

At Oceangate, our culture is based on having people with a passion for the hotel industry. The principles that define our culture start first with our team members. We continuously engage our employees to understand the expectations of our company’s core values: empathy, service, honesty and community.


Taking Care of Our People

Our culture plays a significant role in how our employees are treated. We encourage team members to develop supportive relationships with one another. The family-oriented bond we have with team members reassure that we always willing to hear what they have to say. Every team member is important. We encourage them to voice their opinions about their work environment. We ask questions that pertain to their well being and most importantly, we listen to their response.

Taking Care of Our Guests

We strive to make sure each and every one of our guests feels like family. We welcome each guest with a smile and do our best to accommodate any requests during their stay. Additionally, not only is the customer always right, but we aim to make sure the customer does not ever have to voice a complaint in the first place.

Taking Care of Our Numbers

Our numbers are taken very seriously. Having a team in the corporate office is helpful to understand the efficiency of each individual hotel. Our efficiency of operations is measured weekly by reviewing labor costs through a centralized payroll system. Every week we review trends and opportunities. All of our hotels are participating within their respected brands revenue management program to ensure the best possible outcome.