Our Mission + Philosophy

OGI constitutes excellence at the highest level. At OGI it is our goal to continue to partner with key brands, creating a level of excellence trusted by everyone. OGI is built on a historical platform of hard work, continuing to always reach for motivated associates, lead our markets in return on investment, serve our community with quality developments, and service our guest with a passion.

Our Story

At Oceangate, our culture is based on having people with a passion for the hotel industry. The principles that define our culture start first with our team members. We continuously engage our employees to understand the expectations of our company’s core values: empathy, service, honesty and community. On average, our employees are with our company for 5 or more years. We find it important for a company to grow from within and retain employees. Having a supportive relationship with one another is the key element for the foundation of our business operations. As our team is created by a family, we remain focused on growing together as one by ensuring each member feels appreciated and respected.